Food and Beverage Industry Change

Work with food and beverage industry partners to increase the supply and demand for healthy foods and beverages.

Learn about the co-benefits of Food and Beverage Industry Change below.


Food Store Incentive Programs

Create incentive or recognition programs that encourage grocery stores and convenience stores to promote healthier food options and reduce marketing of unhealthy foods.

Healthy Food Stores

Use economic development programs, incentive packages, or other resources to attract new healthy food retail stores to underserved areas.

Restaurant Menu Labeling

Work with restaurant partners to include healthier food options and provide nutritional information on menus.


Food & Beverage Industry Change co-benefits include:

Economics: Healthy food retail can help revitalize struggling business districts. It can provide jobs, increase and stabilize home values in nearby neighborhoods, and generate local tax revenues. It can also provide workforce training and development, and promote additional spending in the local economy.

Community Cohesion: The addition of healthy food stores or the revitalization or enhancement of existing stores can increase neighborhood attractiveness, and may increase perceptions of safety and sense of community. Adding local food to stores also fosters relationships between buyers and growers.